Monday, October 8, 2012

Shoes with GPS by dominic wilcox

Upon commission by global footprint - a northamptonshire-based visual arts and living heritage programme - british designer dominic wilcox has developed a bespoke pair of GPS prototype shoes which help guide you home.
A piece of software has been created in which the wearer plots their desired destination on a map - this location is uploaded via USB to the shoe. through the use of two microcontrollers called arduinos, a simple click of the heels, where the GPS is embedded, activates the system, with a red tag containing the unit's antenna positioned upwards.
powered by battery, similar to that of mobile phones, data from the left shoe communicates wirelessly with the right one which shows progress via a bar of LED lights on the footwear's toe cap. a green LED is illuminated once one has arrivedat their final destination. the left shoe indicates the correct direction in which to walk by way of LEDs placed in a circle.

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