Monday, October 1, 2012

IAAC: endesa solar pavilion

Designed by the institute for advance architecture of catalonia (IAAC) as part of the 2012 smart city expo in barcelona, the 'endesa pavilion' is a highly efficient shelter which is built to meet very specific energetic and comfort needs. essentially a wooden box, modules on the exterior walls fold out at different distances to create triangular protruding awnings whose exact angle and length are precisely calculated by the position of the sun, the need for shade and the spatial requirement of the interior. each section contains photovoltaic
cells on the top, and block out the sun over the window located underneath or on the downward-facing side. the inside of the forms create pockets for people or storage, effectively increasing the livable area on the same size footprint.
a simple pine-wood frame system supports panels of oriented strand board (OSB) which make up the floors and ceiling planes.each component, based on particular algorithms and angles, was digitally fabricated using CNC machines and was assembled in one month with a great amount of precision. all the design issues were solved on the computer, so that each piece could be created afterwards and simply assembled on site.

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